Piletech Industries Ltd. ⋅ Building on Strong Foundations

Our success is rooted in our ability to provide quality products and services, with the specific engineering solutions for foundation systems, earth retention systems, docks, boat houses, gazebos, dredging, barges and any other needs for your project.

Screw Piles

With pile driving specialty equipment and conventional rigs, Piletech drives timber, Helical pile, steel pile and pre-cast concrete piles from small residential to large commercial projects.

Foundation Systems

The need for Piletech sheet pile foundation systems is required when soil bearing capacity is not sufficient for buildings, docks or other structures to stand stable under loads.

Earth Retention Systems

Earth retention systems are constructed to provide support where excavations are made or slope stability is compromised. The design of these systems must consider stability during construction.


Piletech constructs repairs and restores permanent docks (piled steel with steel beams, vinyl or wood decking), temporary docks or dock extensions. We can provide design and engineering services in-house for any need.

Boat Houses & Gazebos

With the assistance of Piletech, a house boat or gazebo plan that meets your expectations and will encompass a design that blends into your surrounding land, we can bring your dream to reality.

Shoreline, Lakefront & Waterfront

Piletech understands that your waterfront area is an important habitat for a variety of aquatic organisms. We provide solutions that will make sure all the appropriate sediment and erosion control measures are in place.

Island Marine Work

Piletech provides the construction solutions from permit to completion. We have the equipment to deliver materials and construction equipment to remote locations including islands, peninsulas and remote waterways.

Barges & Dredging

Piletech owns and operates all of their barges and pushboats and are of various configurations. This ensures cost controls and no project delays. We provide barge and dredging services in Ontario and throughout Canada.

Engineering & Design

Our engineering and design team has the technical expertise and experience to work with you during the development stages of your project. We can come up with the best and most cost effective solution.

Piletech Industries Ltd.

Piletech Industries Ltd. is on of Ontario’s leading suppliers and installers of helical screw piles, our leadership group has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, specifically in commercial, industrial and residential foundations and structures.

Through our relationships with some of the oldest and most trusted names in the foundation repair marketplace, Piletech has access to a comprehensive range of helical screw piles and professional engineering services to support any project.

Our success is rooted in our ability to provide quality products with the specific engineering solutions for foundation needs.

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